Climate Call Game



Does a trip by air across the Atlantic have a greater climate impact than eating a steak a day for a year? Does one year’s heating of a house have greater impact than the trip? Players of Climate Call get to learn how the climate is affected by everyday life. The game is guaranteed to lead to lively discussion and eureka moments! A round can be played in fifteen minutes by two or more players twelve years and older. The estimations of climatic impacts are based on calculations by researchers at Chalmers University of Technology.

Climate Call is published by

Klimatkoll Guldheden AB.


Tina Damgaard


Hillevi Duus

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We are currently planning for a French version and would love to explore the possibilities of creating many more. 


Climate Call is published by Klimatkoll Guldheden AB, Sweden. Our business is to develop, produce and distribute different versions of Climate Call, and create materials and activities linked to the game. The purpose of our work is to create an educational and fun experience that inspires engagement and conversation about how much different everyday activities affect the climate and climate change related issues.

Klimatkoll Guldheden AB's board consists of Erik Sterner (chairman), David Andersson, Stefan Wirsenius, Karl Sterner Isaksson and Dennis Olsson. Our Formas-financed education team consists of Erik Sterner, Maja Andersson, Maria Nordborg, Dennis Olsson and Yrsa Dahlman. Gustav Sterner is head of distribution.

Except Climate Call, we have published three versions of the game:

Kortspelet Klimatkoll (Swedish version)

Klimasjekken (Norwegian version)


Kliimakool (Estonian version)